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Learn how Caissa can help you today.

When the issue is staring you right in the face, you need to act quickly and strategically.

Caissa provides strategic counsel, message development, targeted communications, and media strategies.

These methods will get you out of your crisis and back on track to success.

The Partners

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Brian J. Stephens


Paige Walkup


Caissa Public Strategy

Adrian Bond



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EmaDella Conners

Operations Manager

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Case Studies

From grassroots campaigns, public outreach, crisis management and more, we have the game plan to ensure success. 

You may notice, though, that our case studies do not have corresponding client information. The reason is simple. Unlike traditional marketing firms, we are typically brought in on projects before decisions are made final. We help develop the plan and conduct research to ensure the plans succeed. 

Our clients may wish to keep their identity private until they choose a course of action. As such, all of our staff and affiliates are bound by confidentiality agreements to protect your business. Confidentiality is paramount to our work.

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Standing Meeting

“With two years of consecutive 1,000+ new students to the district, we couldn’t be more impressed.”   

K. Woods, School Chairman