With charter schools, homeschooling and other educational options more attractive than ever, your competitive advantage lies in understanding students’ alternatives, capitalizing on your unique strengths, and tapping into an evidence-based recruitment process. 

Student Recruitment

For Public Schools

At Caissa K-12, we recruit students to your school or district by running strategic campaigns with a clear pricing model that provides you with a guaranteed return on investment.

Benefits of our proven process

Increase Budget

Increase Employee engagement, morale and retention

Draw media attention and coverage for free

Increase return on tax player investment

Increase Student engagement and brand loyalty

Attract new business partners and relationships

Generate recognition for internal team

How we do it

Unlike other firms that charge you for advertising and for activity - we run campaigns and only get paid for actual results. We take the guesswork out of your student recruitment efforts because we track students by name to ensure they actually enroll and even attend class.

We DO THE WORK the work for your district and provide personal service beyond just another application or dashboard. Our strategically-minded team delivers more than a plan, we implement a diverse range of tools to showcase your district's assets and get students back in your classrooms. In partnership with your internal team, our results are verified and we work hand in hand on the ground to recruit students.

Student Recruitment Elements






Grassroots Team



Earned Media

Return on Investment

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