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Creating, Distributing, and Reviewing a National Poll On Student Recruitment


As trained experts in student recruitment and retention, our team struggled to find timely national data to inform new developments in our services.


To establish, distribute, and review a nation-wide poll on student recruitment in order to gain new knowledge and reinforce our current strategies.


Before you distribute a poll, you have to write it. Caissa’s experienced and talented content writers wrote hundreds of draft questions for review that addressed every possible topic of student services. Our team leaders and partners reviewed the questions and provided feedback.

After writing the poll, Caissa widely distributed the poll across the country in an effective, unbiased, and ethical manner. This was to ensure the validity of the polls results, as well as their efficacy.

Upon receiving the raw data once the poll concluded, our teams coded and organized the results for easy viewing.


Upon reviewing the poll, Caissa’s teams were able to identify new trends in how parents enroll their children, what matters most to school districts, and what ultimately leads a parent to choose a school for their child. This data obtained educates and informs our student recruitment and retention service line for the upcoming year, so that Caissa is as effective and up-to-date as possible.

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