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Training a Local Law Enforcement Agency in Media Interaction and Public Relations

Updated: Feb 23, 2021


A local law enforcement agency was struggling their relationship with the media. Leaders not representing the department effectively, and interacting with the media without the proper training.


To train, educate, and prepare senior level members of the agency on interacting with the media.


First, our team established systems of sharing clear and factual information to the public. When it comes to public response, clearly communicating is always the best response.

Our teams trained several senior-level members of the department in interacting with the media and best representing the department. Along with this, providing the department with the training resources so that they can train their middle-level department employees, should they grow into a new position or are faced with a situation involving the media.


The department took the training well and were able to eventually educate their entire department on best practices to interacting with the media. Agency leaders became much more effective and message-focused when addressing issues in the press.

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