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Streamlining the Benefit System of a Local Governmental Agency


A local governmental agency wanted to streamline their benefit system, and needed assistance in both managing stakeholders and organizing local support for the new system.


To research and identify key players in the department, the community, and the government that were involved in the project. Track and manage local response throughout the process of the system changes.


Work began by assisting in the process of identifying key players and stakeholders in the community. Assessing their presence and educating the client on who and which groups could be support, opposition, or neutral.

After identifying key stakeholders, our team was tasked with managing and organizing local community response. As the project began to receive media attention, our teams managed the response and follow up so that information was clearly and effectively communicated.

As some of our stakeholders opposed the project, our teams engaged with these groups and individuals to influence their perspective to gain support.


With a newly formed benefit structure, the agency was able to efficiency evolve the structure without any issue. The community response was positive, and key stakeholders were managed to best contribute to the project in a meaningful way.

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