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Coaching Your Staff: 3 Topics Your School Administration Should Be Trained On

In any school district, the student comes first. Without students, there are less programs, funding, and teachers. Every school district should have an open mind when considering ways to attract new students to your district and keep the current students that you have. One of the most critical steps your district can take is making sure your staff is properly trained. At Caissa, we offer staff and administration training to improve your student recruitment and retention efforts. 

Here are three topics we suggest your school administration is trained on. 

1.  All About the Front-Line

You know the saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” It’s true of your district, too. When potential new students are visiting your schools, you want their first interactions to be positive. Lessons to increase self-awareness, improve communication skills, apply customer service, and understand body language are all necessary for having an excited and well trained front-line.  

2. Molding a Solid Foundation

Attempting to unify your staff can be a daunting thought, but having a solid, aligned team is necessary for student recruitment and retention plans. Our team module focuses on five key areas critical for future success. 

  • Confidence

  • Communication 

  • Interpersonal Skills 

  • Teamwork and Leadership 

  • Effective Attitude Management

3. Parent Ambassador Training 

So, this topic isn’t necessarily for your staff and administration, but your parent ambassadors are incredibly important for recruitment and retention success. Just like having your team up to speed on how to be engaged, receptive and inclusive, your parent ambassadors have to be on the same level. Whether it is at a PTA meeting or a school function, your ambassadors need to promote your schools’ mission to each and every prospective family they encounter.

Does your district need training? Email Ariel Reynolds at or call us at 901.522.1030 to learn more about our training modules and how we can build a program for your district. 

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