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Three Tips to Retain Your Students

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

An important part of maintaining enrollment is student retention. Families need to feel connected to their school, the district, and the community in order to keep choosing your district year after year.  

Why are students leaving your district?

Before crafting an action plan, it is essential to examine your current enrollment statistics and look for patterns in your attrition. For example, are students leaving during certain transition grades, or in specific geographic locations? Another factor to consider is the rise in school choice. Students may be leaving your schools for “the competition.” It is important to understand why students are choosing to leave the district while creating your retention plan. 

Strengthen the connection

The following suggestions are just a few of the many student retention strategies that your district could implement to keep your students happy and enrolled.


Involve your students in the recruitment and retention process. 

  • Allow them to bring a friend for a shadow day. 

  • Let them submit photos for your social media accounts.

2.Parents or Guardians

Make parents or guardians your most valuable recruitment partners. 

  • Encourage parents or guardians to form a new parent welcome committee.

  • Allow parents or guardians to work the recruitment tables at events.  Bonus – have branded school shirts for them to wear!


Implement community outreach. 

  • Donate student art to local businesses, community centers, restaurants, or libraries. Include students’ names, grades, and school name. 

  • Have your performing groups give concerts in public places like malls, professional sports games, and local television morning shows. 

Families who feel invested in their school will not only re-enroll but will also become partners in recruitment. Only attending a school isn’t enough. Make students and their families a part of your retention strategy, and they will feel like a valued member of your school community. 

If your district is interested in learning more about implementing a comprehensive retention plan, please contact us here. 

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