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Recruiting Students in a Small District

Our mission is centered around three main tactics: recruit new students, retain your current students, and reclaim students who have left. We executed our strategy within a small school district that was competing for students against home-school and private school options. 

This small district was seeing a steady decline in enrollment over the past decade. As a result, the district was seeing their budget problems increase, and were forced to make hard decisions about what resources to cut back on. 

Our Results Through target identification and grassroots engagement, Caissa recruited approximately 250 new students to the school district. Additionally, Caissa reclaimed over 100 students, who had left the district.  

How We Did It We began our discovery phase with the school district and identified current barriers to enrollment. After making enrollment adjustments, we crafted messaging that highlighted the district and began to recruit.  Our strategy to recruit the students consisted of phone calls, door to door visits, and mailers, to get our message to the families. In addition, we leveraged community supporters and turned them into leaders and advocates for the school district. The biggest factor for this school district was the need for open house tours. During the Spring semester, we worked with the district to host open house tours for potential families. The individual schools were able to tailor their tours for the individual families based on the intel we had gathered and recorded through our phone calls and house visits.  Personalizing the recruitment experience allowed for this small district to reach families and ultimately thrive.  

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