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Building and Training a Coalition for a Statewide Opioid Awareness Campaign


Statewide advocacy of opioid addiction issues were low, and key statewide stakeholders did not have an effective and cohesive group to coordinate with. Good work was still being done, just not nearly as effective and efficient as it could be.


Build a statewide coalition of advocates to share info on how to avoid opioid addiction and safety measures for addicts. Increase efficiency and workflow amongst key stakeholders and community advocates.


The first step for building a statewide coalition is facilitating and ID-ing key players and stakeholders in the space. These key players are medical experts, community advocates, and local leaders with a strong voice in the space. This identification was done through extensive research, interviews, and our team’s existing connections in the community. The second step is writing and establishing a statewide dialogue to put all our stakeholders on the same page in terms of their messaging. This was crucial in pushing a strong, consistent message. Our team of content writers and strategists spend hours editing, brainstorming, and formulating the RIGHT message that works best for the project. The next step is training the key stakeholders in the new messaging. This way they are ready and able to communicate with the media and others if any questions are asked. This is a crucial step in staying on a consistent message. The final step is raising and maintaining visibility of the message and coalition. This involves hosting events in various statewide locations, engaging with traditional media venues, and coordinating the team’s messaging and resources out into the communities that need it.


- Our team was able to establish clear leaders in a statewide fight to end opioid addiction and provide resources so the coalition could work effectively.

- According to recent research, the statewide campaign significantly increased awareness in opioid addiction issues, and provided new resources to combat the crisis.

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