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Helping an Energy Construction Project Advise the Community and Manage Stakeholders


An energy construction project was facing questions from the community and needed assistance building relationships to ensure the project’s success. With community leaders asking questions and community members wanting to learn more, Caissa’s team stepped into ensure effective communication.


Establish key relationships in the communities affected by the project, and connect them with the client for better understanding and success leading into construction.

Increased awareness on the project so community did not feel blindsides or misinformed of any actions by the energy company.


Work began by assisting in the process of identifying key players and stakeholders in the community. Assessing their presence and educating the client on who and which groups could be support, opposition, or neutral as construction ramped up.

As the energy provider began to engage with the community, our team ensured that our client was prepared, trained, and on-message in their engagements. As word of the project spread and the community became aware, our teams also managed the local response.

Finally, our teams prepared the client for success by controlling the online presence so information was clearly and effective communicated across all platforms. In a project as large-scale as this one, clearly communicating across all channels, with the same message, is crucial to success.


The client was able to begin construction on their large-scale energy project in a timely and efficient manner. Key stakeholders were managed, effectively communicated to, and taken care of throughout the entire process of the project. The project gained a prominent and positive presence in the community, both on online sources as well as traditional media forms. Opposition and questioning key players were courted and educated on the purpose and message of the project.

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