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Helping a Regional Energy Provider Communicate with Communities More Effectively


A large regional energy provider was struggling to connect with communities. They struggled in their community engagement and had low awareness for their key services and products.


Create a localized communications strategy for the provider to better engage and communicate with key stakeholders. Establish a strong presence across various channels and communities.


Our team of professionals quickly created a strategic communication plan for the provider:

- Identifying key stakeholders and individuals who matter in the space on multiple different levels.

- Establishing an advertising plan, both on traditional sources as well as non- traditional digital sources.

- Organizing and managing speaking opportunities for the client to engage with target audiences and individuals.

- Coordination with local and statewide partners to facilitate opportunities for engagement and growth.

This communication plan was approved and implemented immediately, with our teams monitoring and managing stakeholders to ensure its success in practice.


The regional energy provider was not only able to establish new relationships in their market, but also leverage their resources to better communicate their messaging to the community.

The communications strategy plan also allowed for the provider to align their community giving with their larger needs across the region. The plan was also designed to be flexible, a living document, and function for years to come.

Our teams set up our clients for success beyond our partnership. Because at Caissa, we want to get you the win.

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