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Moving the Community to Support Land Developer

The project

A land developer was seeking approval for a new retail store in central Florida. All was proceeding normally when a vocal community group began to fight their proposed development. The anti-group wrote letters and called local legislatures trying to stop the development. One legislator even said "he had never seen so much vocal outpouring from the community related to a land use project" and was inclined to reject the proposal. Caissa was called on a Monday night to engage the community and show support for the project for a Thursday City Council meeting.

The work

After receiving the initial call, Caissa reacted quickly and made a community outreach plan. A field team was also on the first flight to Florida and began their field efforts by noon on Tuesday. The field team immediately began to canvass (door-to-door) for signatures of support for the project, identified and met with key leaders, and got calls placed to the City Council. Citizens showing support were also encouraged to show up Thursday night for the hearing.

The results

In less than two and half days we inundated the City Council with supportive messages and had twice as many supporters at the hearing than the opposition. The City Council approved the developer's site application.

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