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Strategic vs. Tactical: Your 18-Month Plan

All too often, people confuse strategy with tactics. Right now, we are in a very tactical situation. Tactics are all about day-to-day activities; they are responsive. Strategy, on the other hand, is predictive.

When thinking tactically, you’re asking: What is the plan for tomorrow?

When thinking strategically, you’re asking: What is our plan six months, 12 months, 18 months from now?

It’s likely our world will be changed for at least 18 months. So what should your plan look like? I have a few thoughts:

  • Create a rapid-response team and establish roles.

  • Implement war games. Test your plan before rollout to help your company with strategic, operational and tactical planning.

  • Be prepared to adjust your structure and responses for all likely scenarios.

  • Make sure your suppliers have a plan in place, too.

  • Keep cybersecurity top of mind. Situations like this are a hacker’s fantasyland.

  • Establish real-time monitoring.

  • Schedule a post-mortem: What went right? What went wrong? Where do you need to make adjustments?

Stay tuned for more in our strategic planning series. And contact us anytime at (901) 522-1030.

This article originally appeared on Medium.

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