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The Competition Is Recruiting Your Students

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Private and charter schools have detailed plans, allocated funding, and hired specialized companies for student recruitment. Traditional public schools must cultivate an effort to match the energy and join the conversation.

Before Covid-19, and especially since then, parents and caregivers have been given more and more to fulfill their child’s educational and personal needs. Their choices vary from traditional public school, to private and charter schools, to virtual and homeschool programs. Parents and caregivers want to provide their children with the best education possible and they are carefully weighing their options in order to do so.

A national survey run by CaissaK12 found that 52% of caregivers, specifically in urban areas, are considering taking their students out of the public school system. In suburban areas, 40% of caregivers are considering moving their children to virtual schooling. During this time of uncertainty for parents, public school systems must clearly and effectively communicate that the traditional public school is the best option for their families.

Public schools offer the building blocks of success for the future leaders of America, namely the opportunity to be in a diverse environment. Public schools present the unique opportunity for a holistic learning setting: students participate in a typical classroom setting while also having the opportunity to learn new cultures by collaborating with classmates from different backgrounds, experiences, and socioeconomic status.

Public school districts must accept, embrace, and promote the diversity it has to offer students and stop allowing private and charter schools to carry the narrative that they are better. At this point the story is already out, and it’s time for public school districts to control the narrative. At CaissaK12 we believe in what public schools represent and urge them to join the conversation about the competition.

It is important for public school districts to remember that the population of students will directly impact the funding that the district receives either positively or negatively. Increasing the student population is vital for public school districts to continue to control the narrative. A larger budget will enable schools to provide more resources to their students, only furthering the case that public school is a strong option for students.

So, let’s work together to remind parents that the grass is not always greener on the other side. The future of our society has always and will continue to be created in the public school systems; and that statement alone validates the irreplaceable value of public school systems across the nation.

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